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Neuroplasticity and brain changes with exercise, MS-UK webinar – 19 February

Dr Gretchen Hawley will be discussing the topic of neuroplasticity and how exercise can create changes of neural pathways within the brain. She will be talking about the best tips and strategies to help you get the most out of your MS-specific exercises to encourage new pathways to be created and promote improvements in specific… Read more »

Diet and nutrition, MS-UK webinar – 14 February

In this information session you will be joined by Michelle Paterson, a nutritional therapist, to discuss the different MS diets and how a good diet contributes to better brain health, providing a positive effect on MS symptoms. Date: Wednesday 14 February 2024 Time: 2pm to 3pm Click here to book your space This webinar is brought to… Read more »

MS Together

MS Together is an organisation which provides advice and support to people affected by MS, with a particular focus on those living with MS aged 18-35. They provide an online community through private Facebook groups and enable connections to be made through their peer to peer support service. They also organise a number of different virtual… Read more »

Pain and MS: MS Society webinar, 21 September

Some people with MS may experience pain and it can be the most difficult invisible symptom to describe and manage. Pain may be caused directly, due to nerve damage, or indirectly, due to other MS symptoms. It can cause feelings of overwhelm, frustration and can impact your emotions and wellbeing. The seminar will be joined… Read more »

Heat health alert issued for England

A heat-health alert has been issued for most parts of England as temperatures could reach 32C midweek. The UK Health Security Agency’s yellow warning is in place across seven regions including Southern England until 9pm on Sunday. It means that the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions should take extra care. For more information… Read more »