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The Octopus MS trial

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of discussion about the Octopus MS research trial. It even made the BBC homepage. But what is it about? The Octopus trial will test drugs to help people with progressive MS. The MS Society has produced a short film explaining all about the trial. Watch the MS Society video… Read more »

Stress and MS, MS Society webinar – 13 April

We know some people with MS often find stress impacts their condition in some way. It’s impossible to avoid it completely, but stress affects a body’s ability to fight disease, which is why it’s important to learn ways to manage it as much as possible.  This webinar will feature Dr. Rachel Hunter from Swansea University…. Read more »

MS Society react to Government Welfare plans

Last week the UK Government announced their biggest planned changes for disability benefits in a decade. National charity the MS Society has looked at the potential impacts on people with MS. On a positive note, the UK Government will start testing the use of specialist assessors for specific health conditions. This means people with MS might no… Read more »

What Next? Newly Diagnosed MS Society Information Webinar – 5 April

Who is this event for? The programme In the webinar and the following week’s conversational group, they’ll help you to start making sense of your diagnosis. They will provide you with the information and signposting to further support and guidance that you may need. The MS society hope through these sessions that they will empower… Read more »

Talks with MS: Brain Health and MS, MS Society webinar – 29 March

Talks with MS are proud to host this webinar in partnership with the MS Society to discuss different aspects of MS in the Black community. This month they will be discussing the topic of brain health. Join Terri-Louise as she talks to a healthcare professional about brain health when living with MS. They’ll be covering… Talks with MS: Brain Health and MS, MS Society webinar – 29 March“>Read more »

Understanding Fatigue, MS Society Webinar – 20 March

This online session about fatigue will cover themes including: They will also be joined by Living Well volunteers who are living with MS and will share their experiences managing fatigue. The session will include a short talk from  expert speaker Sarah Thomas from Bournemouth University Clinical Research Unit followed by a chance to ask questions,… Read more »

A Chat with UK MS Register and MS Tissue Bank, MS Society Webinar – 15 March

This Asian MS Series webinar will be joined by Rod Middleton from the University of Swansea, who will be talking about the UK MS Register and Professor Richard Reynolds from Imperial College London, who will be talking about the Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Tissue Bank. Both these initiatives receive funding from the MS Society and… Read more »