MS-UK webinar: Strength training – improving strength for your MS, Mon 22 Aug

Strength is one of the key components for being physically active and staying healthy. This online session will cover the importance of strength training in managing MS and associated problems such as balance, walking and falling

Date: Monday 22 August

Time: 2pm

Dr Gretchen will will be looking at strength training and how to improve it through a focused approach for MS.

Strength is one of the key components for being physically active and staying healthy. Strength training is not simply about lifting weights to get stronger, but it is a key component to help improve issues such as balance, flexibility, walking and reduce the risk of falling. Other benefits include increased muscle mass, so although we might not be aiming for a world record in the Clean and Jerk, increasing muscle mass essentially means there are more muscle fibres to recruit leading to increased strength for a specific movement. We know that neuroplasticity takes place in the brain with exercise, increasing neural connections, so why not focus on increasing connections at the other end of the system too?!

In this information session Dr Gretchen will cover:

  • How can physiotherapy help with a progressive disease, like MS?
  • What is the difference between “regular” physio and MS physio?
  • MS-specific exercises and parameters when practising
  • Questions and answers

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This session is organised by national MS charity MS-UK. You can find out more about them by visiting their website at 

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